Top 5 Rewards of Outsourcing Your Web Development Projects

All successful business today must have a website, and it has to be both appealing and user friendly. A well-designed website offers business owners a wide range of benefits, from attracting more clients to an edge over the competition.

To get the most out of a website, it needs to be informative without being overwhelming, visually appealing, and well organized.

Most business owners do not have the time, knowledge, or resources to handle their own website, but that is just one of the advantages to consider

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Why Outsourcing Website Design Is Preferable for Small Companies

Small companies enjoy a certain amount of flexibility that allows them to outsource when sales volume stacks up. Website outsourcing can be advantageous when you consider that almost all of the work can be done from anywhere How Earn More and Work Less With Website Outsourcingin the world on a computer. There are times when it's best to do web design work in-house, depending on the caliber of talent that your company employs. The...

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Get SIRIous: Optimize Your Website for Siri

Where are my iPhone fans out there? Is anyone else as addicted as I am? Ever since the iPhone 4S came out last year, Siri has been causing quite a stir in the smartphone world, and has made an impression on millions of people worldwide. But what many are failing to realize is Siri's enormous potential for local businesses.

I know I've told Siri, "I'm hungry for some delicious (whatever) food around here" countless times, and every time she instantly delivers a list of restaurants with ratings and reviews. And after going through the top 5 or so listings and checking out their listing and what other people had to say about them, I...

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Web Trends for 2012: How SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Web Design & Analytics Will Change

Since the inception of the Internet, how a business has shaped its Internet presence has changed from simple webpages to flashy websites and full-fledged social media fueled marketing campaigns. Companies must not only consider how they present themselves, but must also be cognizant of the methods used to make their presence known. SEO Factors Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important if a business intends to make money online. Even a business that uses the Internet just to establish a presence or announce themselves an expert in their field has to carefully choose its keywords, and make sure it presents content...

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What You Need to Know About Local Search

Local search and personalization features offered by the search engines are expanding the possibilities for small companies seeking ways to market locally online. This evolution is now allowing for local search marketing and locally based SEO to be combined cost effectively to power increased traffic for online searches. As the statistics below indicate, these searches result in purchases either online or at the physical location. This presents a huge opportunity for small businesses to extend their reach into the local markets without the cost...

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Interviewing Your Potential SEO Company (Part-2)

The main objective of this weeks post? Interviewing Your Potential SEO Company (part 2) is to cover the areas of partnership between the prospective SEO company and your business. The blog consists of questions which help in determining?? whether the company is going to take an active interest in the success of your business or just punch the clock and charge the monthly search engine optimization fees. The basic questions that a company must ask are:-
'How often will we communicate' , 'What is our timeline and how will we define success' , 'Can you help build my business beyond your SEO efforts', and so on.
Success can be...

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Fifteen Things You May Not Know About SEO

The daily evolution of search engine optimization results in the birth of new myths on a regular basis but the old ones dont seem to die with the same regularity. This may be due to the idea that some myths make it easier for companies to sell their SEO services, while others just carry on under their own power. The following is a list of some of the new myths as well as those that might take either a silver bullet or a wooden stake to kill.

  1. That Google partners with or approves SEO companies - This one is unlikely to die any time soon as it sounds great in a sales pitch, even though it isnt true.
  2. You have to...

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Podcasting In Internet Marketing

Advances in alternatives and the decrease of associated costs have taken search engine marketing techniques far beyond the optimization of written content, blogs and articles. One of the most visible and well-known of these advances is YouTube, the video sharing site purchased by Google for $1.65 billion in 2006. A second advance, though not as ubiquitous as YouTube, is the podcast. A podcast is a digital media file which can be distributed over the internet using syndicated feeds for playback on portable media players, laptops and personal computers. Despite their name, podcastare not the exclusive domain of the IPod, a popular...

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