Why Outsourcing Website Design Is Preferable for Small Companies

Small companies enjoy a certain amount of flexibility that allows them to outsource when sales volume stacks up. Website outsourcing can be advantageous when you consider that almost all of the work can be done from anywhere How Earn More and Work Less With Website Outsourcingin the world on a computer. There are times when it's best to do web design work in-house, depending on the caliber of talent that your company employs. The...

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Online Press Release Guidelines

Generally, as business owners we all know exactly what we want to include in our press release. However there are certain guidelines that we need to follow to ensure that people can find us when they search for us online and search engines know which news to deliver when people ask for them.

Normally a press release is based on the format of

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Dateline and Lead
  • Body
  • Boilerplate Statement
  • Contact Information

The headline and summary must be strong enough...

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