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A recent infographic released by mashable shows that almost all small businesses have accounts over all channels of social media. They are actively involved too. Almost 62% of these businesses post 8 plus comments a week.

  • 78% of them have twitter accounts
  • 75% of them have FB accounts.

Does it make business sense?

Yes it does. On an average a business profile gets around 5 comments a day while a personal profile may get 3 comments a day. The level of engagement on twitter is more compared to facebook. But surprises of surprise- a facebook link get more clicks to your website compared to...

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Be Warned of the Cons of Social Media Marketing

In our last post we put a compiled list of the pros of SMM to enable you to reach your objective for online marketing. In this post we cover the cons. We believe (and hope you do too) that knowing the cons will reduce the number of mistakes you are going to make!


  • Information on the social web moves fast, but often at the expense of deeper personal relationships. Marketers, while they can reach customers in new ways and get feedback from them faster than ever before, still aren't personalizing communications and...

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Social Media Marketing Pros Compiled

Earlier the question was Should we do social media marketing" Now the question is what platform is suitable for social media marketing. SMM works best when combined with offsite marketing and helps cut down offsite marketing costs by continuing with the hype created by the offsite initiative online.

Compiled below is a list of social media marketing pros. Once you have them in a single place it is easier to chalk out your social media objective. Once the objective is clear you can easily choose the right SMM platform for your...

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Online Marketing Trends for Businesses in 2011

The year 2010 was the year of social media. Social media consolidated its position and by the end of the year major search engines admitted that their algorithm took into account the visibility of a website link on the profiles of the famous and the popular!

The year 2011 will be the year of mobile applications. Internet access via mobiles will increase. Mobile browsers on the other hand will display search results based on location. So ensure your website is a part and parcel of those applications especially if you are in retail, services or hospitality business.

Below are some trends in

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Response on Social Media Platforms

Social media has ensured that anyone can talk about anything including your company and how great it is or how it sucks (Aw!)

Are you there during the company bashing sessions on social media platforms?

It is very tough to track everything that is being said about you because even setting up a Google alert with the brand name or product name may not crawl through a social media platform. And that is exactly where the influencers and consumers are. This requires certain amount of manual work but it is worth it.

According to Brian Solis author of Engage, only 11% of members of a social media participate...

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