Flat Web Design: Everything You Need to Know

Flat Web Design

Flat design has become a widely favored technique by web developers in recent years, as it emphasizes minimalism in the user interface (UI) designs. Some of the largest tech companies have shifted to flat design for their blogs and UI. It is the basis for responsive design, which has resolved compatibility issues for mobile devices. Here are the main elements you need to know about flat web design for your...

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6 Golden Rules to Boost Your Website User’s Experience

Website design is an important part of your online marketing strategy and should be tailored for the best conversions. Online visitors have a very short attention span and it’s the work of the designer to capture their attention and strategically lead them towards the conversion path. Below are 6 rules designers should follow to improve website user experience and ensure the best conversion rate:

  1. Avoid using too many links Avoid placing too many links on a page because excessive links can be distracting, which can confuse users when deciding on...

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The ABC’s of Converting Your Static Website Responsive

Every website owner must think about having a website that works for mobile users. Responsive website design has been the path for many web designers as the cross-platform solution. Consumers who use smartphones now expect websites to be mobile-friendly. Here are some key items to think about when converting your static website to be responsive.

Reasons for Converting to Responsive

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