Successful Adwords Campaigns Declassified

After a year of handling, running and auditing PPC campaigns at both national and local levels we discovered that we could actually advise people on how to run better and successful campaigns. And that too; for free!

The essence of a successful Adwords campaign is high ROIs. So it basically comes down to running campaigns at a comparative low costs and bringing in higher conversions.

Let’s go through the components of a local Adwords...

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5 Costly PPC Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Pay per click (PPC) is the quickest way to drive traffic to your website. However, some business owners do not get PPC right and end up wasting money because of simple mistakes. When you launch a PPC campaign, you should be looking to maximize the ROI through driving quality traffic and leads to your site. However, there are some common mistakes you can do that will make you attract the wrong audience or...

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