How to Design Your Business Website for Orange County Customers

Building a small-business website is complicated. You’ve got to secure a domain name, generate content, and figure out how to help people find it. By the time the entire process is complete, you just want to get back to business. But websites are all about doing business. And if you really want a website that works, you should take one more look at yours before you turn your attention back to the day-to-day operations of the office. Yes, before you flip the proverbial switch and go live with your new site, take a look at it through...

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5 Basic Maintenance Drive Your Ecommerce Site Needs

Once you have your website, the most difficult part of creating and operating an e-commerce store is over. However, now you must be concerned with the maintenance.

Your business relies on your site being functional and appealing all of the time, which is why maintenance is vital to keeping your website current and fixing issues as soon as they arise.

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How to Find a Good Web Design Company in Orange County

Having a professional website can take your business to the next level. A good website is more than just a beautiful design. A good website is the one that is designed to be easily found on search engines, provide a good user experience to visitors, and make visitors become leads. If you are searching for a company offering professional web design in Orange County, go for one that can design your site for conversions.

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Three Simple Ways to Make Your Website Sticky

There is a simple cardinal rule to increasing conversions online: the longer the people are on your website, the more likely they will convert. Don’t forget, however, that this is separate from the more fundamental rule of your online presence: if you’re going to survive and flourish in this crazy online world we inescapably live in today, you need to have fresh and relevant information on your site at all times. So the big question remains: how do you get them to stay on your website? That’s what I’m going to break down for you in this...

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Online Press Release Guidelines

Generally, as business owners we all know exactly what we want to include in our press release. However there are certain guidelines that we need to follow to ensure that people can find us when they search for us online and search engines know which news to deliver when people ask for them.

Normally a press release is based on the format of

Fifteen Things You May Not Know About SEO

The daily evolution of search engine optimization results in the birth of new myths on a regular basis but the old ones dont seem to die with the same regularity. This may be due to the idea that some myths make it easier for companies to sell their SEO services, while others just carry on under their own power. The following is a list of some of the new myths as well as those that might take either a silver bullet or a wooden stake to kill.

  1. That Google partners with or approves SEO companies - This one is unlikely to die any...

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Website Design, Keywords, SEO and Your Business: How to Integrate Them

You’ve worked hard at identifying the keywords that will drive traffic to your website.
These keywords have to be integrated with website design to start driving traffic to your website. Then there is the issue of conversions. So the design, code and content must be integrated for a successful website business. Discuss all of the below factors with your website designer and content writer if any.

Website Design: The

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When do Meta Tags matter in SEO

Meta tags are tags especially for the search engines. They tell the search engines what your web page is all about and helps it to index your page more accurately. Meta tags are the hidden code usually put at the top of websites designed to perform different functions. The two most famous and misunderstood meta tags for SEO purposes are the description and keywords meta tags which you can find somewhere between your head tags. They are designed to provide the additional info about a page. Amongst other things, they tell the search engine...

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