Different Ways Doctors Can Get More Patient Referrals

For physicians, patient referrals are an important part of their business. It's also an affordable way for healthcare providers to market their services. More patient referrals lead to increased patient retention and revenue. Experts believe that if you are getting 50% of your new patients through referrals by existing patients, then you are truly providing exceptional service to your patients.

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Patient Acquisition Marketing: How Digital Strategies Are Defining the Healthcare Journey

Today, when more and more patients are increasingly relying on the web for medical information, the term ‘patient acquisition marketing’ refers to the healthcare brands’ need to align with patients’ needs across the web. You need to show that your practice is the best choice for patients’ healthcare needs, through your websites, email programs, social media, advertisement campaigns, YouTube channel and more. Why?

47% of internet users search for information about doctors or

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