Native Advertising: A Great Help for Small Business

Advertising is a big part of every business plan these days. If you’re going to compete on the internet, you need to get your message, product and company out there. However, when it comes to advertising, many small businesses simply don’t know how to get the job done in an efficient way. This is usually even more difficult for small start-up businesses that don’t have a ton of capital to work with. In such cases, you need to make sure you get the most out of whatever advertising budget you have.

One aspect of advertising that many small business owners simply don’t understand is native...

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Search Engine Land Summit: Different Leaders, One Perspective

So, I finally made it to Seattle! Seattle’s weather was at its best and the sea smelt great. The number of participants was mind boggling.

The first speaker at SEL Summit was Duane Forrester from Microsoft. He spoke of how local search is changing, and how to change the way to market. Apps rule the roost and examples stating the same were of Tesla Cars, Smart Refrigerators and Navigation System Advertising. The local search behavior is changing. Mobiles, Tablets, Phablets and Wearables are making this change. Search behavior data is being gathered from these points and you can...

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