4 Mobile Elements You Must Assimilate in Your Marketing Efforts

Mobile advertising efforts must be incorporated into any marketing campaign that you hope to see get off the ground. Many entrepreneurs set out to launch a mobile marketing campaign but have no idea where to start or what to include. Here are four mobile elements that you must incorporate into your marketing strategy to make your mobile marketing count: Multi-Level Advertising Infrastructure It’s important to get your message to as many individuals in your...

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4 Key Elements In Mobile Advertising

Statistical evidence and technological advancement suggest that the next great advertising platform is going to be built on mobile devices. To maximize on adverts displayed on mobile devices, there are four core factors that you must consider: location, time of the day/week, user behavior and the weather. In essence, it is not safe to assume that the owner of a specific smartphone will be at a given location at a specific time. This means that displaying ads that target a specific geographic region should be approached differently, with a focus on identifying the device owner’sactual location. This will help you cutdown costs and...

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