Matt Cutts: Google No Longer Has 100 Links Per Page Guideline

When content developers try to follow SEO guidelines too closely, they lose sight of the real goal, which is to create content for users, not search engines. Google's Matt Cutts has relieved many webmasters from the confusion over how many links are allowed on a web page. Many content creators were convinced the limit was 100 links per page, but Google has not used that guideline since pre-2008. Websites, in other words will not get punished by Google's algorithm if...

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Can Google Authorship Result in a Huge Traffic Decline?

Google Authorship is a set of tools designed to connect web content with the Google+ profile of the content creator. Authorship can help your search rankings, as it assigns "Author Ranking" to your content. One of the advantages of setting up Authorship is that it indexes writers in Google's search engine and matches them with their articles and blogs. Authorship is still in its infancy and now there are concerns about how it affects search and traffic results.

A web owner named Alex Yumashev of using Authorship noticed sudden declines in his traffic, by as much as 90 percent. He received a vague notice from Google...

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