How Duplicate Business Listings Cause You to Lose Business

Whether it is intentional or not, duplicate business listings can be a big problem for you. Instead of improving sales, duplicate business listings can actually cause you to lose business. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why this may be the case: Lack of Professionalism Many green entrepreneurs are overzealous and may post duplicate business listings as a way to drive business to their website using multiple keywords. Or they post a listing for their business, forget about it when it doesn’t produce, and post another one months later. In this respect, duplicate business listings are a clear sign of an amateur, and...

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Google Algorithm Changes to Penalize Sites with Heavy Ads

The growth of online advertising has led business professionals into becoming ferocious advertisers. They all want to sing the loudest and stand the tallest. It is well known that the aggressive marketers, in most cases, draw the most prospective clients. At the crux of this strategy is a strong website. The value of a website is so crucial to the success of a company that business owners pay huge sums of money to design the best website. That being said, this doesn't mean that the best website is the most entertaining or aesthetically pleasing website too. The content of your website is by far the most important aspect of it. Put...

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