Google Algorithm Updates: Time to Rethink Your SEO Strategy

The rules for SEO have changed dramatically over the years the more Google matures and weeds out spam. In 2013, Google provided further updates to Penguin and Panda and then introduced Hummingbird. In the process, many webmasters in 2014 may be wondering if SEO still matters or if it has become too complex to worry about. But even these ground breaking changes have not altered Google's goal to serve the most relevant search results, so in many ways these updates are merely fine tuning what the search engine has been aiming for all...

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February 2012 Google Search Updates

As of April 18, 2012 Google will be shutting down AdSense for domains. This only applies for domains hosted by Google. It means that you will no longer be able to generate money from your undeveloped domain. While AdSense was based on quality content, many domains that opted for Adsense had no content whatsoever. This led to great dissatisfaction amongst advertisers, thus resulting in Google pulling the plug on this service.

Google Panda 3.1

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