Disadvantages of Relaunching Your Company Without 301 Redirects

Doing a company relaunch could include something simple like changing your business name, business plan or your logo. But, if you are doing something far more involved like changing your domain name to another domain name, you might be wondering if this really is the smart thing to do. One of the nice things about changing a domain name is that you can still have all the same benefits, but with a different domain URL. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business and had your domain for awhile now (a few years) or for a few months. Chances are people know your website for the domain name you have had since starting the...

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Why Companies Prefer Web Marketing Through an Agency

There are many companies out there that prefer to keep their marketing campaigns in-house, which is understandable.But, on a few basic levels--a very few, namely a need to control everything--most companies prefer to take their web marketing initiatives to an agency. This can be attributed to a number of things. First and foremost, agencies work with businesses one-on-one to help them reach their business goals, tailoring the web marketing approach to the voice of the product and the personality of the target market. These campaigns run...

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