How Vertical Search Is Changing the Nature of Search

The word Google needs no introduction as it has been the main ground for eager consumers searching for answers related to products and services. However, the nature of online search engines is changing with the introduction of other sites offering similar services but with more narrowed results. These include Amazon, eBay or PriceGrabber. A recent study examining online search trends showed a decline in Google’s category...

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Is Responsive Web Design the Best Option for Your Mobile SEO Strategy?

If your company doesn’t have a unique website in this modern day and age, you are heading for business suicide. Over 3 billion people around the globe use the Internet on a daily basis and approximately half of these people will access the web using a smartphone or tablet. People are fast becoming dependent on websites when making investments, whether it is for a product or service. Because of this, you need to jump on the bandwagon and consider integrating responsive web design into your mobile SEO strategy.

 In order to effectively captivate your audience, you must provide them with the information they...

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