5 Website Design Flaws That Impact Your Ecommerce Sales

5 Website Design Flaws That Impact Your Ecommerce Sales

The way your website looks and operates is important if you’re doing web-based business. If your customers and potential customers can’t navigate or simply don’t like your site, why  would they buy from you? Even if they want your product they may decide to turn elsewhere.

That’s why a good website design is essential for ecommerce marketing. Use this guide to help you avoid the five website design flaws that can prevent an ecommerce marketing website from making money before it even has a chance to.

Too Much Video

Videos are great – if your customers want them. Unfortunately not all customers do, and if you’ve got them all over your site and they play automatically, you could be driving some of your customers away.

Limit videos and make sure customers have to click to watch.

Photos, Photos, Photos

Like videos, photos are wonderful, but too much of a good thing is still too much of something. Limit your photos and consider keeping most of them on a separate landing page.

This allows customers the choice to watch the videos

Choices Aren’t Always Good

To clarify, too many choices aren’t always good. Keep it simple for your customers and don’t overwhelm them with options.

Otherwise, customers may get frustrated and visit a simpler site that isn’t yours.

Not Enough Text

You need to inform people on your site, even if your goal is to sell them something. Use informational texts to inform people about what they are buying.

They’ll come to think of you as a valuable resource and will buy from you at the same time. Remember, today’s customers aren’t the same as yesterday’s, and today’s customers want information on the products they’re thinking of buying.

Difficult Navigation

If a customer on your site can’t find the product to buy or the place to buy it, you’ve done something very wrong. A customer should be able to buy from every page.

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Ajay Prasad

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