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We Know Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare is an evolving industry that has not avoided the necessity of a strong online presence to acquire new patients. Through our experiences with a variety of businesses within healthcare, we understand the patient journey and how to utilize the internet to get you more patients.

Here are a few of the business types where we specialize in the patient acquisition

Medical Groups

Leveraging the unique strengths of many treatment centers and providers allows your medical group to better serve your patients and the community as a whole.

Primary Care Physicians

As a primary care physician or specialist, your highest priority is the well-being of your patients. You don’t have time to manage your online presence.

Dental Practices

Now more than ever, your patients are online and dental practices can no longer avoid the importance of a strong online presence & an effective marketing strategy.

Urgent Care Centers

As an urgent care manager, your time is valuable. Your focus is making sure patients get the best care possible which is a time-consuming responsibility.

Renal Care Centers

Like any other physician or specialist, nephrologists also need to focus on harnessing the power of internet for the growth of their practice.


As an ophthalmologist, your marketing strategy should focus on targeting the people searching for your services in your area.


With obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) digital marketing, you’ll not only place yourself at the top of web search results but also at the top of your patients' minds.

Plastic Surgeons

Plastic and cosmetic surgeons need a steady number of new patients to maximize their revenue. Online presence plays an important role in how patients choose a surgeon.

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