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Healthcare Website Analytics

Is Your Healthcare Business Optimized For Maximum Online Exposure?

Two of the three pillars of a thriving healthcare business are stellar online reputation and robust online presence. Get our comprehensive analysis of your healthcare business and find out if both pillars are strong enough to grow your business, and what you can do to make both pillars stronger.

Healthcare Analytics

Our analysis includes:

Online reputation analysis of your & two competitors’ overall online reputation score and recommendations for building a stellar reputation. This report will include:

  • Number and score of your practice on review websites like Google, Facebook, Health-grades, Rate MD, Vitals, Yelp, and more.
  • A similar report for two competitors selected by you.
  • A similar report for all individual providers for your practice.
  • Customized recommendations for improving your reputation.
Healthcare Analytics Strategy

Analysis of onsite and offsite optimization of your business and recommendations for developing a robust online presence. This report will include:

  • Detailed analysis of your website, including an audit of:
    • Your website structure and its level of compatibility with Google’s requirements.
    • Website loading speed on desktop.
    • Website loading speed on mobile.
    • Offsite metrics relevant for Google rankings.
    • Website optimization level for conversion of visitors through desktop.
    • Optimization for conversion on mobile.
    • Identify areas for improvement.
  • Website Competitotrs Benchmark
    • Compare your website key metrics with two other competitors identified by you.
    • Compare your offsite key metrics with your competitors.
    • Suggestions for improvement.
  • Social Media Analysis
    • Analysis of your social media presence.
    • Analysis of your two competitors social media presence.
    • Suggestions for improvement.
  • Market analysis to identify opportunity areas for patient growth.
    • Identification of keywords and phrases used by your prospective patients to find your business.
    • Ranking of your website for those keywords.
    • Effort required to get your website on page one of Google for each keyword.
    • Recommendations for improvement.
  • Your website listings on all relevant sites and consistency of details on each site. Consistent information through all online directories help your website rank higher on Google. The report will include:
    • List of all directories and your information (or lack thereof) on them.
    • Consistency of information.
    • Specific recommendations for improvement.

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