How to Reduce Patient No-Shows & Appointment Cancellations

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About the Webinar

According to a study, the total cost of missed appointments and no-shows in the US is $150 billion every year! Every single missed appointment poses serious health risks to patients and puts a huge financial burden on your practice. After all, missed appointments results in less revenue.

That’s why it’s important to have a robust appointment scheduling and reminder process in place to reduce the burden on both providers and patients. In this webinar, we've discussed everything you need to learn about no-shows and how you can reduce them.

In this webinar, we’ve discussed:

  • Cost of missed and no-show appointments
  • Reasons for last-minute appointment cancelations and no shows
  • Ways to reduce no-shows and use appointment reminder systems

Who benefits the most from this webinar?

  • Medical practice owners
  • Practice managers and marketing personnel
  • Patient experience executives
  • DDS, MDs, DOs, ODs, NPs, PsyDs, and other healthcare professionals