How to Improve Your Practice's Google Rankings

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About the Webinar

With unprecedented advancements in the internet, people are now searching for everything online, including health-related services. Eight out of ten people in need of healthcare services use search engines like Google to find the care they need. And Google receives more than 1 billion questions related to healthcare every day.

This is why healthcare providers need to rank themselves as high as possible in order to grow and acquire more patients. In this webinar, we've discussed how you can improve your practice’s google rankings.

In this webinar, we've discussed

  • Exactly how Google rankings help you acquire more patients
  • Factors affecting Google search ranking
  • Strategies to improve your Google rankings

Who benefits the most from this webinar?

  • Healthcare and medical practice owners
  • Marketing managers of the practices
  • Patient experience executives of healthcare providers
  • DDS, MDs, DOs, ODs, NPs, PsyDs, and other medical professionals