Preparing for 'Down Years' as an Entrepreneur with Naresh Vissa

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Naresh Vissa

Naresh Vissa

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Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

About the Podcast

In this episode, Naresh Vissa joins Ajay to discuss and share his ideas about preparing for down years as an entrepreneur. Naresh Vissa is an employee turned millennial entrepreneur & #1 bestselling author.

About Naresh

Naresh Vissa is an employee turned millennial entrepreneur & #1 bestselling author who has recently been featured in the Deseret News,, and CIO Magazine about his entrepreneurship and expertise. In this episode, Naresh and our host Ajay discuss surviving down years and the importance of transparent pricing.

While finishing business school at Duke University, Naresh turned down opportunities in banking to pursue more entrepreneurial roles within the information publishing space. After gaining some experience, he incorporated his first consultancy, Krish Media & Marketing, more than three years ago and have launched several other businesses and written a couple of books.

Episode Transcript

Ajay: Hello. I'm Ajay Prasad. Welcome to the Founders Corner. Here with me I have Naresh Vissa, Founder and CEO of Krish Media & Marketing and COO and Executive Publisher of Normandy Investment Research. How are you today, Naresh?

Naresh: I'm doing great, Ajay. Thanks for having me on. It's a pleasure to talk to you. I look forward to learning more and gaining some insight on some of the business issues that I'm currently tackling.

Ajay: Fantastic. So tell me a bit about your business and your entrepreneur journey. Why don't you give us your quick background, and then talk about your businesses and then we can talk about your issues.

Naresh: I first started offering my services independently, actually, when I was a college student. I was probably about 19 years old. What I did was I provided what you could call consulting services, media services to terrestrial radio stations. When I was in college, I never thought I would become an entrepreneur; I thought I would go the corporate route, which I did. I got some great experience working for Fortune 100 companies, banks, and funds on Wall Street

Then I went to business school and again I thought I would continue with the corporate path. But on the side, I always offered mu services just so I could make some money and get some experience on the side. My side hustle ended up getting me a full-time job with one of my clients. I took over a project. And while I was working for that client, I learned an entirely new industry which is the financial publishing industry.

Financial publishing is, if your listeners are familiar with the Motley Fool or the, it's the publishing of investment research and selling that research to individuals. So helping them manage their money, helping them with stock picks, bonds, etc. So I went on my own officially for good. I left the corporate world behind in 2013. So for almost three and a half years, coming up on four years, I've been on my own.

I first started my consulting company, Krish Media & Marketing, which began as a financial publishing consulting company; that has since expanded to be an online business solutions provider. So anything online-related; project management, web design, web development, logo design, copyrighting, publishing, affiliate marketing, etc.; anything that's digitally oriented we have a team of people who can work on projects or we have solutions for folks.

My clients in that space are big, publicly traded companies but also doctors, lawyers, real estate entrepreneurs, etc. so we really cover everybody. Because of my background in financial publishing, I also started a couple of financial publishing companies since then. Some of them I've shut down within two to three months because there just wasn't a market. Some of them I've exited, where I've sold my take. And then some of them I'm currently running, like you mentioned Normandy Investment Research. That was an acquisition I made with a team and we're in the turnaround process for that.

Another company that I started is called Moneyball Economics, which is another big data economic forecasting firm. We help individuals again manage their money through our forecasts of publicly traded companies and their earnings releases. That's just a little background on who I am in the financial and online digital spaces and what I do.

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