How to Market a Virtually Transitioned Nutrition Coaching Practice with Ella Davar

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Ella Davar

Ella Davar

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Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

About the Episode

In this Founder's Corner episode, Ajay shares helpful marketing tips for maintaining a robust online presence and consistently getting new patients for a growing nutrition and wellness practice with Ella Davar, a registered dietitian and a health coach.

  • Ella Davar asks Ajay for strategy tips for social media and Google. (07:39)
  • Looking to make passive income to balance out her heavy workload, Ella asks Ajay what he recommends doing to help people without having to directly interact with them. (24:37)
  • Building a team can be extremely helpful for balancing workload, Ajay gives recommendations for how to create a team as an entrepreneur. (32:37)
  • Ajay gives Ella his advice on whether hiring a PR agency is worth the investment. (39:57)

About Ella Davar

Ella Davar is a bilingual Russian-American registered dietitian, integrative nutritionist, certified health coach, yogi, theta healer, and a speaker with a passion for helping driven professionals streamline their wellness routine and accomplish a healthy balance in life based around accessible self-care.

Episode Transcript

Speaker: Hello and thanks for joining today's episode of the Founders Corner Podcast hosted by Ajay Prasad. Join Ajay as he sits down with healthcare professionals to discuss the ways of improving their marketing efforts. As an entrepreneur and proud owner of several seven-figure watch-based businesses, Ajay has now dedicated himself to helping healthcare professionals in building up their practices. If you'd like to contact Ajay and become a guest on the Founders Corner Podcast, fill out the form on our website. In today's episode, Ajay will be speaking with Ella Davar, registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist, health coach, certified yoga and meditation instructor, writer, and influencer. Her mission is to help her clients manage weight, stress, diet, and various health conditions. Enjoy the show.

Ajay: Hi, Ella. How are you?

Ella: Hi, Ajay, I am great. How are you?

Ajay: Good. Good. Just quickly, where are you based in? I couldn’t tell what city, state, where are you?

Ella: I'm in Miami, Florida.

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