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Dr. Steffany Mohan

Dr. Steffany Mohan

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Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

About the Podcast

In this episode, Ajay discusses with Dr. Steffany Mohan about the marketing challenges for dental and healthcare industries are facing in this digital era. Also, the importance of digital marketing and online reputation management for dental practices.

About Dr. Steffany Mohan

A native of Ottumwa, IA, Dr. Mohan earned her Bachelor of Science in agricultural biochemistry at Iowa State University and completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Iowa. She enjoys attending continuing education courses that include ways that patients can improve their quality of life and have a healthy, beautiful mouth and smile. Most recently, Dr. Steffany Mohan has completed courses for Invisalign®, implants, and other areas of dentistry that can help patients to look and feel better and have improved function for chewing and smiling.

Dr. Steffany Mohan is also active in the community and volunteers for the mobile dental clinic, Mission of Mercy, Saving Smiles, Halloween Candy Buy Back, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Donated Dental Services

Episode Transcript

Announcer: Hello, and thank you for listening to The Founder’s Corner podcast hosted by Ajay Prasad. Join Ajay as he sits down with business owners from around the world to discuss their business struggles. As an entrepreneur and proud owner of many seven-figure web-based businesses, Ajay has dedicated himself to helping businesses of all shapes and sizes grow. If you would like to reach out to Ajay, fill out the form on our site. Enjoy the show.

Ajay: Hello, and welcome to The Founder’s Corner podcast. Today, we have a special guest, Dr. Steffany Mohan, owner of Plaza Dental Group in Des Moines, Iowa. How are you today, Steffany?

Dr. Mohan: I’m going great. Thank you so much.

Ajay: Wonderful. Steffany, tell us something about yourself, your business, and your involvement in the dental industry.

Dr. Mohan: Right. I’ve been a practicing dentist for 21 years since 1996 – a little over that, I guess, now. I’ve been educator and I have, obviously, been in private practice for that whole 21 years, and now we are expanding. We have three practices and really just experiencing what dentistry has to offer today and working hard to see some growth and some expansion.

Ajay: Wonderful. I understand that you also help other dentists in their practices and you help them build their practice?

Dr. Mohan: Mm-hmm. Right. Yup. Yeah, I’ve actually been an educator both on the business side and on the clinical side, which has been really interesting and really fun. A lot of times, we need almost more help on the business and marketing side than we need on the clinical side – clinical dentistry is always our focus and, generally our passion, but sometimes the business side and the marketing side can make more of a difference in our lifestyle and our practices.

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