Effective Leads Magnets to Attract More Patients for Holistic Wellness Practice with Emmy Loumeau

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Emmy Loumeau de Bosch

Emmy Loumeau de Bosch

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Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad

About the Episode

In this Founder's Corner episode, Ajay speaks with Emmy Loumeau, a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach. He shares his valuable insights on the best marketing strategy to get more health and wellness patients in this digital age.

  • Emmy Loumeau is a holistic wellness coach that strives to help women get to the root cause of their concerns to take better care of their bodies.
  • Emmy asks Ajay about what the best marketing strategy is to be found on Google. (11:04)
  • Emmy wants to find effective lead magnets to attract health and wellness patients. (19:29)
  • Email lists are an effective and popular marketing technique, but Emmy wants to know how to increase her visibility and reach with her email list. (21:34)

About Emmy Loumeau de Bosch:

Emmy Loumeau is a holistic wellness coach that helps high achieving women get to the root cause of their wellness concerns by creating a tailor-made program to forge sustainable habits to accomplish their wellness goals and thrive though her Wellistica Method.

Episode Transcript

Speaker: Hello, and thanks for joining today’s episode of the Founder’s Corner Podcast hosted by Ajay Prasad. Join Ajay as he sits down with healthcare professionals to discuss ways of improving their marketing efforts. As an entrepreneur and proud owner of several seven-figure web-based businesses, Ajay had now dedicated himself to helping healthcare professionals in building up their practices. If you would like to contact Ajay and become a guest on the Founder’s Corner Podcast, fill out the form on our website.

In today’s episode, Ajay will be speaking with Emmy Loumeau, a holistic wellness coach that helps high-achieving women get to the root cause of their wellness concerns through her Wellistica method. Her mission is to help passionate women increase their personal awareness by learning to listen to their bodies. Enjoy the show.

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