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If Your Customers Can’t Find You, You Don’t Exist!

Search Engine Marketing

It’s a hot summer night and you’re driving home from the movies by yourself. Your car breaks down on the freeway and you have a major panic attack. Sounds like a tragedy, no?

Have no fear, Google is here! You turn on your phone and type in “towing services in [your city]”, “towing company in [your city]”, “and towing company near me” and do a couple searches, read a couple reviews, and select the closest towing company to you with the highest ratings. Your first interaction with a new company will come from search results.

As a business, if you do not have a cohesive search marketing strategy, you are nowhere to be found. In this specific scenario, all towing companies that showed up at the top of search results with stellar ratings were prime to be picked for business. The rest? Not so much.

Whether you’re looking for local or national search engine marketing, we have a team of search engine marketing specialists that will put together a digital strategy that best fits your business situation and aligns with your goals. Will your business be found during a customer’s moment of need?

Internet Marketing

GMR Web Team, an award-winning digital marketing agency in Orange County, develops a customized internet marketing strategy for increased online visibility, driving qualified leads and customers that you’re looking for straight to your online hub - your website. We’ll identify the top performing keywords that your customers are searching and optimize your website and social presence for you to be found in search engines. In addition to that, we’ll continue ongoing off-site search marketing activities to push your brand up in the search results!

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