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3 Pillars of Healthcare Business

Grow Your Patient Base with Patient Acquisition Marketing

Stuck between the increased competition and decreased reimbursements, healthcare practices are struggling their way to acquire new patients for their survival. This calls for a unique patient acquisition marketing strategy that utilizes different online brand building and conversion-driven marketing solutions, including search engine and referral marketing to help you acquire new patients from the internet on a regular basis.

GMR Web Team's (GMR) patient acquisition and retention marketing strategy is based on the three pillars, which are: (1) a satisfied & loyal patient base, (2) a stellar online reputation, and (3) a robust online presence. These 3 pillars of healthcare marketing success are essential for the success of your patient acquisition marketing strategy.

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Patient Acquisition Marketing Strategy

Digital Strategy Is Crucial for Patient Acquisition

When patients realize that they need healthcare, they usually take time to scour the web to learn more about their health condition, available treatment options, competent care providers, and expected health outcomes, before they finally pick a provider. That's where we enter!

The GMR's unique patient acquisition marketing strategy ensures that wherever your patients go – whether it be a search engine, social media, or review site – they get to interact with your healthcare brand at every step of their care finding journey. This also helps in analyzing conversion opportunities and creating hooks to maximize the chances that patients choose your service over that of your competitors.

“77% of patients use search engines prior to ever booking a healthcare appointment” – Google

Local SEO for Patient Acquisition

Attract Highly Valuable Leads with Local SEO

Our advanced local SEO strategy maximizes your site's conversion rate by helping it occupy a position on the Google's most coveted 3-pack local results (see the picture on the left/right). Not just Google, we also help you appear prominently on other popular search engines such as Bing and Yahoo! to drive more prospective patients to your website to help increase patient acquisition.

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PPC Advertising for Patient Acquisition

Gain Maximum Attention Online with PPC Advertising

We have expert healthcare PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign specialists on board who help you gain maximum attention online at minimal cost. Utilizing different instant patient acquisition marketing techniques under PPC, such as text and display Ads, and retargeting, we help you target the right audience of patients, at the right time, and at the right place for maximum patient acquisition.

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“81% of people click on a sponsored link when looking for health information”– Geocentric

Website for Healthcare Practice

Encourage Actions with a Highly Convertible Website

An information-rich and conversion-optimized website is like your virtual clinic that's available for help, even when your brick and mortar clinic is closed. We'll ensure that your website provides the requisite information in the most compelling manner, and create enough hooks to catch users' attention and encourage them to take converting actions. That way, you can keep your website generating enough leads on an ongoing basis.

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Strong Online Presence for Healthcare

Influence Patients' Decision with Reputation Management

Another proven strategy that we utilize for influencing patients' buying decision for improved patient acquisition is the positive online reviews. We have a company proprietary reputation software to take care of that. The software also helps in performing service recovery at the right time by intercepting unhappy patients just immediately after their visit to your practice. This helps in retaining the existing patients, improving the mix of new and existing patients.

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Online Referral Marketing for Patient Acquisition

Expand Reach in Communities with Online Referral Marketing

Our referral marketing strategy helps practices and providers to build a credible and influencing authority on social media channels, forums, blogs, and online healthcare communities making them the #1 choice in referral decisions. We also help identify and target patients who have expressed strongest positive feelings and trust toward your practice to help you build focused outreach campaigns that can drive more referrals from these patients.

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