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Increase Patient Acquisition

We will increase your patient acquisition

A vast majority of prospective patients, especially ones with good insurance and/or the ability to pay out of pocket, will research information about you and your competitors online, in addition to considering their physician’s recommendations.

Here is your typical prospective patient behavior when selecting a healthcare provider :

1. Search for healthcare providers in their area on Google. Unless your website is found when they are looking for a provider, you do not exist for them.

2. Once they see you online OR on their insurance list of in-network providers, they will check your website to make sure you offer what they are looking for.

3 Pillars of Healthcare Business

3. Assuming that your specialization and credentials are relevant, they will then check your reputation by looking at your reviews on sites like Google, HealthGrades, Yelp, etc.

4. They will then compare your reviews and other online information with your competitors on their insurance list, or whose websites are also found during the search. About 40% of your prospects will decide solely based on reviews of providers.

5. If you make the cut, they will Google your name to see what is written by/about you on the web, typically whatever shows up about you on the first Google page.

6. They will go through steps 2 to 5 above if they are limiting their search to the list of providers offered by their health insurance company. You will still need a good website and great reviews to be considered.

Our 3-pillars marketing approach of increased patient satisfaction, stellar online reputation, and a robust online presence will position you as the best option for prospective patients. See our stories to see how we’ve helped other healthcare entities like you.


We will help you increase patient retention

No matter how remarkable your patient care is, there will always be disgruntled patients. Whether it’s an argument with the receptionist, facility uncleanliness, wait-time or just that they were having a bad day – you can’t satisfy every patient.

We understand that refining your patient care is a never-ending responsibility. To improve efficiency, we’ve developed a survey process to gauge a patient’s experience shortly after a visit so you can identify the few unhappy ones. We then alert your practice manager about the occurrence so that he/she can reach out and perform patient recovery by addressing the situation right away.

Our clients who’ve adopted this process report increasing patient recovery by 80%.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

We will help you improve your processes to increase patient satisfaction

The surveys collect patients’ comments about their reasons for happiness and unhappiness with the visit. This information is then sampled via artificial intelligence-powered computation to identify common complaints. This data will enable you to understand why your patients are delighted, neutral, or unhappy about their experience at your practice. Based on this feedback, we’ll also suggest improvements to your patient care to achieve higher patient satisfaction scores.

Positive patient comments also serve as powerful testimonials that you can advertise on your website or other digital marketing mediums. GMR will send you a monthly analysis of your patients’ comments with details of how we are or how we can utilize it for web marketing.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless once you understand how your patients feel after a visit!

Build Stellar Online Reputation

We will build a stellar online reputation for physicians or practices

Over 80% of your prospective patients will weigh your online reputation on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Healthgrades, Vitals, and RateMDs before making a healthcare decision.

Even more – slightly over 40% of your prospective patients use reviews as the sole criteria for selecting a healthcare provider. We’ve found that unhappy patients will vocalize their opinions much more than happy ones will. Therefore, your online reputation may skew negatively because of this vocal minority. To address this, it’s critical to request reviews from all of your patients and tip the scales in your favor.

Our automated process is designed to do exactly this. Since our experience with monitoring over 500 physicians suggest that over 90% of patients are delighted with their healthcare providers, the overwhelming percentage of new reviews acquired are positive.

We have never failed to improve reviews of patient-centric healthcare providers. Our typical client receives 3-4 new reviews weekly.

Robust Online Presence

We will create a robust web presence for you or your practice

Given that many prospective patients with the ability to pay will search Google when deciding on a healthcare provider, your website needs to show up for the right keywords (e.g. Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills) – or you do not exist. And even if your site is visible on Google, you need to have a robust web presence because the next thing a prospect patient will do is Google your name (e.g. Joe Smith, MD).

They expect to see great reviews, good social media presence, articles/blogs written by you, and any mention of you by social media influencers. The first two pages of Google should ideally be about you when someone Googles your name. This conveys credibility, expertise, and trustworthiness.

GMR Web Team has a team of marketing professionals that will make sure that your website appears on Google’s 1st page for all relevant keywords. Our team of writers and social media experts will write and publish blogs, articles, and information about you and “by” you, resulting in a robust web presence.

Optimized Medical Website

We will make sure that your website is up-to-date and optimized to convert a visitor into a patient

A prospective patient will immediately go to your website to learn more about you and your specialties. Studies have shown that users know within 7 seconds whether they want to stick around on a website or not. Since most of the prospects searching for a provider on the internet are web-savvy, your website needs to use the latest design trends and clear messaging.

Also importantly – over 50% of web surfing happens on mobile devices, so your website needs to be smartphone friendly and desktop friendly, or you risk losing prospective patients.

Our team of website designers will build you a website optimized for best results on both desktop and smartphone, and our marketing team will focus on improving it to maximize the conversion of website visitors to your patients.

Google Local Search

We will make sure that your practice website is found on Google when someone searches for your specialty in your geography

There is fierce competition for getting websites ranked highly on Google for relevant keyword searches. A site ranked 1st on Google for a keyword will receive over 35% of searchers’ clicks, whereas a 2nd “place” ranked website will get about 15% of searchers’ clicks. Websites ranked below 5th position on Google would get about 1% of the clicks.

Getting highly ranked on Google requires consistent, ongoing work. Remember that your competitors have the same challenge and are also trying to get a high ranking on the 1st page of Google.

GMR Web Team has a dedicated team of over 50 digital marketing experts who know exactly what is required to bring a website on top of Google for relevant keywords. All our clients get high 1st page rankings for many keywords and convert them to calls from prospective patients from their website.

We apply what we preach to our own business and make sure that our website is ranked high for relevant keywords. Most of our new clients find us on the website all over the world and contact us after visiting our website.

 Get Referral Patients

We will create a referral program for getting referrals from your patients and referring physicians in your area

We have developed a proprietary process for generating referrals from your happy patients and also generating referrals from specialists by marketing to their referral base.

Automated Communications with Patients

We will help you stay connected with your patients through automated communications

Our proprietary process makes it easy for you to stay in touch with your patients by sending them birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. e-cards to make sure you stay in touch. GMR also offers your own private chat forum where you can answer your patients questions about non-urgent issues.

We also offer services for sending reminder and confirmation of patient appointments.

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