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Patient Satisfaction Monitoring to Better the Patient Experience

Marketing for Medical Groups – Grow as Individual Practices and as a Group

For medical groups, growing as a brand is just as important as growing as individual practices. Online medical marketing accomplishes both for you.

The GMR Web Team (GMR) process utilizes the latest online marketing trends and techniques to help your practices reach the top of local search rankings so that your patients can easily find you online. Also, it helps your medical group shine like a brand across important web platforms such as search engines, social media, review sites, medical and healthcare listing sites, etc.

Increased Online Visibility for Your Hospital

Our marketing for doctors strategy is based on the principles of these three pillars:

A satisfied and loyal patient baseTo ensure that you are successfully monitoring and improving patient experience, we'll survey your patients immediately after their visits.

A stellar online reputationGMR's proprietary tool will help improve your practice's online reputation and brand by ensuring that positive experiences by patients are consistently shared online as reviews while negative remarks are mostly kept internal.

A robust internet presenceAlong with the first two pillars, we'll simultaneously work toward achieving a wide online presence across different online platforms.

Patient Satisfaction Monitoring to Better the Patient Experience

Optimizing for Searches Ensures You Attract Your Ideal Patients

While large medical practices help patients with a variety of needs, they are better able to serve patients with specific cases which fall within your or your doctor's specialized training. Optimizing your site accordingly for search engines ensures that your ideal patients can find and reach you easily.

By utilizing the most effective local search marketing trends and techniques, we ensure that patients with specific and non-specific cases in your locality can easily find and reach you. Our various local search marketing activities for medical groups include local online listings, keyword targeting, local patient communities and forums, classified ads, local search and display ads, social media, and many more.

Reputation Management for Dentists

Creating Brand Consistency Is Vital for a Strong Online Presence

A major challenge in marketing for medical groups or multi-location practices is the need to maintain brand consistency across different internet platforms. GMR's medical marketing experts take special care to make sure all marketing activities and messaging are consistent with your brand.

Activities include focusing on brand appearance and tone during your website's development and design, creating a consistent brand image for each of your social media profiles, and collaborating with notable persons or entities through guest blogs. We meticulously follow measures related to brand consistency and coherence that makes your online presence stronger, dependable and trustworthy.

Patient Satisfaction Monitoring to Better the Patient Experience

Improving Experience Is the key to Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

Understanding that healthcare businesses thrive on a strong base of satisfied and loyal patients, we assist in building you a strong patient base. Our reputation management for medical groups increases satisfaction by improving patient experiences. Here’s how our proprietary reputation management tool helps improve patient experience:

In addition to the above, the tool also helps in managing your online reputation by improving your review scores and increasing new patient acquisition.

  • Surveys your patients immediately after they leave your office so that you can perform service recovery for patients who show dissatisfaction
  • Conducts sentiment analysis checks of feedback received by patients to understand their feelings and emotions during their visits
  • Provides detailed but simple and understandable reports to identify issues thereby helping you to resolve them
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With a team of talented developers and online marketing professionals, GMR Web Team has been providing specialized patient acquisition marketing services to medical groups for over thirteen years. Want insight on our achievements? Read the case study below.

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