Instagram Schminstagram… It’s Time To Use Flixel!

If you haven't heard the name Flixel, take note of it now, because in a few months it's going to be huge. This innovative photography iPhone app allows anyone to create beautiful pictures that have lives of their own.

The interface is simple: you take a picture, and with a few simple taps and swipes on the screen of the Flixel iPhone app, you can manipulate the picture and add motion to the image. Candles can flicker, hair can gently blow in the wind, and pages can flutter. All this in a matter of minutes. In the past, such images...

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SMM Uhmm.. Advice

Okay guys, I know I have been on and on about social media in the last two posts, so I now want to wrap it up with some uhmm.. advice (of what you probably know).

  • Being too direct in your sales pitch could scare people away. So, think passive, think people with "how to's" "why's". Listen, share and be humble. Bragging about the money you are making is not going to win you friends.
  • When people add comments in response they might need a response from you. If available, follow or subscribe to the hot feeds...

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