Why Marketers Must Pay Attention to Google's Quality Score Change

In August 2013, Google changed Quality Score reporting to AdWords by better integrating three sub factors: expected click-through rate, landing page experience and ad relevance. While the way Quality Score is calculated has not changed, the reporting changes can affect relevancy and bid rates. Understanding the effects of these changes will help with using the AdWords report better to assess ad success. Quality Scores Increased After the implantation of these changes, very low scores decreased significantly while high scores increased slightly. The number of “1” ratings decreased 36%, while “10” ratings increased 4%....

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Google Upgrades AdWords Quality Score Reporting

Online advertisers who use Google's AdWords platform can now get a better idea how well their campaigns are working as Google fine tunes its reporting. Quality Score is a rating of keywords on a scale of 1-10. Google has just updated how this score relates to expected click through rate, ad relevance and landing page experience. The purpose of the update is to help advertisers evaluate and improve their ads based on visibility and expected performance. Google has not changed how Quality Score is calculated for keywords, so the new methodology won't affect ad performance. The change mostly allows you to understand how your own changes to...

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