Can Google Authorship Result in a Huge Traffic Decline?

Google Authorship is a set of tools designed to connect web content with the Google+ profile of the content creator. Authorship can help your search rankings, as it assigns "Author Ranking" to your content. One of the advantages of setting up Authorship is that it indexes writers in Google's search engine and matches them with their articles and blogs. Authorship is still in its infancy and now there are concerns about how it affects search and traffic results.

A web owner named Alex Yumashev of using Authorship noticed...

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Author Rank- The New SEO

Everyone in digital marketing is familiar with PageRank. PageRank, the link analysis algorithm used by Google's web search engine, has long served as the chief metric to determine the relative quality of Web pages. And now it’s being replaced by AuthorRank. AuthorRank will, in 2013, become the new quality metric that determines search engine rankings. The blogger AJ Kohn wrote that AuthorRank will be “bigger than [recent Google updates] Read This Post »