How to Strategize Your Job Hunt Using Social Media

Social media has been proven to be a fertile ground for lead generation. Typically, social media is associated with lead generation for B2B marketing. However, it can also be a fine replacement for a monotonous spray and pray job hunt. Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can use social media to help you land a job: Continuity and Completion of Your Profile Ensure that all of your online profiles are complete and identical to one another. Update them as needed to reflect your most relevant skills. The more recruiters know about you, the quicker the process will be should they reach out to you for an...

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Twitter's Web Interface Is Undergoing Transformation

If you've noticed a change in the layout and design of the desktop interface for Twitter then you're not alone! Most, if not all, Twitter users have been switched over to a brand new design and layout that feels like a positive update compared to previous incarnations. Through an official tweet on their own account, Twitter announced that they were going to be streamlining their web interface in order to match with their mobile app. The smaller version of your profile is going to be in the left hand corner with the Connect, Discover, and Me tabs on the top of the page. These tabs allow for you to intuitively discover...

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A Few Common Goof-Ups Made on Small Business Websites

Small businesses are wise to create websites, but sometimes miss the point of what websites are about. Understanding that a website is not a get rich quick scheme is an important key to approaching web development. Here are common website mistakes made by impatient small businesses: Rushing to Make Sales Before your website can win the trust and loyalty of customers, you need to first learn about your target market from studying analytics and reading their comments. Getting too ambitious about sales can send the...

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4 Social Media Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2014

Online businesses are realizing in 2013 that social media is the message, which is creating a major shift in marketing towards social media engagement. Businesses are learning that building an online community through social media is the key to nurturing and converting sales leads. Social media is not a place for direct sales and is more suited for developing leads than sending traffic to your online hubs for landing pages.

Content Marketing Google+ is attracting a significant following now that the "+1" button plays an important role in Google's search rankings. While Facebook and Twitter have popularized fun and...

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