The Art of Exceptional Living Applied to Business

How Jim Rohn's Art of Exceptional Living Applies to Businesses

  • If you plan to begin a business or are a current owner, be sure you are mentally prepared for the challenge. Unless you prepare yourself first, you will have a difficult time starting and/or maintaining a business, regardless of how much time and money you invest in it.
  • Everything begins with your philosophy. For business owners, having a personal and unique mission and/or objective is a reflection of their philosophy.
  • If you wish to be successful,...

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Doubling Your Sales in a Really Tough Economy!

Many businesses are struggling these days, if they have survived this long. The hundreds of thousands of businesses you have died can teach us all something about how to survive, and even thrive, in 2011.

First, you must be willing to change and stop doing just what you did in the past. If you have survived the last few years you probably already know this. If not, you are probably one of those...

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