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Date: 30th January, 2009

Business owners have a dozen questions about Internet Marketing.

  • Why should I go in for Internet Marketing?
  • How will Internet Marketing benefit me?
  • Where do I begin Internet Marketing?
  • Can I do Internet Marketing by myself?
    And much more….

GMRWebTeam, an Orange County based Website Design and Marketing company receives hundreds of such queries from its clients. Ajay, CEO of GMR Web Team has compiled all such queries into a strategy guide in the form of an ebook named Seven Steps to Internet Strategy. Ajay said, “Each day I receive queries and questions from clients who want to know where to begin when starting an internet business. What is important when deciding on a website? If SEO is long term, is PPC the solution right now? And many such questions...I decided to compile a basic guideline of why, what and how of Internet Strategy.”

This book is simply that. It’s a good guide to internet strategy and answers a lot of questions about website design and SEO. You can download version 2.0 of this ebook for FREE at the GMRWebTeam Blog

However, this book is simply a guideline. You still may have several unresolved questions. To answer in-depth queries and other aspects of this book, Sangeeta SEO and Internet Marketing Consultant at GMRWebTeam will be discussing the book on the GMR blog at each Monday.

Not only this. If you have any personal questions about internet marketing you can contact them with the subject line “Internet Marketing Query”. They claim to be will respond to your mail and will send you a 3 chapters of yet to be published update of the ebook on Press Releases, podcasts and video blogs.

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