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Date: 05th, December, 2011

Global Marketing Resources, LLC, Founder and President Ajay Prasad Travels to India to Visit and Work with Members of Company
Ajay Prasad, Founder and President of Global Marketing Resources, LLC, has traveled to India on a business trip to visit members of the company in Patna and Hyderabad.

Ajay Prasad, Founder and President of Global Marketing Resources, LLC, a California website design, maintenance and marketing firm, has traveled to India to visit members of GMR Web Team and GMR Website Maintenance in Hyderabad and Patna. Staying for two weeks, the focus of his business trip is to expand the company’s services to include social media optimization and mobile marketing. He is also working with Managers to expand the company’s local search marketing capabilities and continue to develop processes that are considered innovative in the industry.

Ajay first traveled to Hyderabad where he worked with members of GMR Website Maintenance, a web design and maintenance firm and subsidiary of Global Marketing Resources with GMR Web Team. There he focused on mobile marketing, including mobile applications and mobile website design, creating new procedures and brainstorming ideas for GMR’s clients.

After a week in Hyderabad he traveled up north to Patna, the capital of Bihar and also his hometown. While in Patna he met with the Internet marketing team, brought them up to speed on new developments in search engine optimization and local search marketing, and introduced new strategies that they are beginning to implement. Included are social media optimization and mobile marketing, which will soon become stand alone services offered by GMR Web Team.

“It feels great to be back in India with members of GMR and be creating such exciting new strategies for the company,” said Ajay Prasad, speaking about his business trip. “We’ve had a very busy year and are excited for an even busier 2012, so coming out and getting everyone on the same page was a must. We’re initiating our social media optimization and mobile marketing wings of the company to complement our SEO and local search marketing services, and now all the pieces are in place to begin to offer these to clients.”

About Global Marketing Resources, LLC.

Global Marketing Resources is marketing-focused Orange County website design company, actively involved in website design, web marketing, and website maintenance. Global Marketing Resources has been focused on helping small businesses market their products since its inception in 2001. The company started to focus on the website needs of small businesses in 2003 and designs turnkey websites, manages it and provides web marketing support.

Headquartered in Tustin, CA, Global Marketing Resources has a development and marketing team of over 40 employees.

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