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How A Seasonal Business Stayed Busy in the Off-Season

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About Company

Prunin is a leading commercial and residential landscaping contractor located in Orange County, California.

Their Situation

Prunin wasn’t a struggling business, but keeping up with Google’s continual algorithm updates proved to be a hassle. Since the landscaping industry is heavily influenced by seasonality (great in the summer, not-so-great in the winter), Prunin hoped - like they did every year - that their summer schedule would spill over into the fall and winter months. Little did they know that a coordinated digital marketing strategy would change this mindset once and for all.


  • Redesign the website so it’s mobile-friendly and user-friendly
  • Improve their paid advertising efforts, especially on Google and Bing
  • Long-term organic growth from search engine optimization (SEO) efforts

Our Growth Solution

We launched a three pronged attack of website redesign, SEO, and an intricate paid search (PPC) strategy. Our PPC strategy emphasized the use of dozens of dedicated landing pages to give us maximum control of the user’s touch points with Prunin’s brand.

The Results

Prunin now averages 68 new customers a month (a 185% increase) and saw an increase in website traffic of 607% after the new site and digital marketing strategy launched. Even more impressive is the fact that the fall and winter months were performing as well as the summer months.

Thanks to the immense growth Prunin experienced, they are now expanding into other industries.

Avoid seasonal revenue droughts and improve your number of monthly new customers.