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About Company

CashOne helps consumers find a premier lender that is licensed in his/her state of residence. Their staff are continually monitoring leading practices and policies to ensure best practices are always being met.

Their Situation

CashOne was not receiving enough applications from its website and sought to revamp its digital strategy.


  • Maximize the number of visitors to their website by ensuring the site ranks highly on the list of Google search results
  • Refresh the website design to ensure its compatible with all device types, especially mobile

Our Growth Solutions

Through a combined web design and SEO strategy, we sought to drive more traffic and improve search rankings to the website. Our search engine optimization activities included backlink building, onsite optimization, reputation management and development, and consistent blogging.


Since the start of our marketing efforts in 2009,

  • The number of total conversions improved by 92.76%.
  • Total website traffic increased by 39.33% that resulted in a 54.39% increase in new users after implementing the new website and SEO efforts.

We’ve been working with GMR for over 6 years now, and have seen great results with loan applications that come in. We are happy to refer them to anyone that is need of digital marketing services.

Shel Glina

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