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About Company

AdoptHelp is a premier domestic adoption center that specializes in newborn adoptions.

Their Situation

AdoptHelp was getting a decent amount of leads - they were just spending a lot of money to get them. They wanted to increase their leads while reducing total marketing spend.


  • Lower overall advertising spend in AdWords and Yahoo
  • Increase number of quality leads acquired organically (from Google, Yahoo, and Bing)

Our Growth Solution

After a kickoff meeting to understand Adopt Help’s goals, we outlined our plan of attack. We integrated social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid advertising (PPC) into a robust marketing strategy with the goal of getting them more leads - at a lower cost.

After several months of work and analysis, our team determined that paid advertising was the strongest performing channel and zoned in on it. We doubled down on our paid advertising efforts through careful collaboration with their marketing team and the results were quite impressive.

The Results

Adopt Help saw a 20% increase in new leads from paid advertising (especially from Google AdWords) And 21% boost in website traffic from paid advertising channels.

As a small company with a small marketing department, working with GMR has been incredibly helpful. Whether we’re fine-tuning PPC strategies, creating content, or working on any other marketing efforts, AdoptHelp is so happy to have GMR on our team.”

– Kelly MacDougal, Director of Marketing

Get new leads through several online marketing channels, and gain a partner that focuses on maximizing your investment.