SEO for Healthcare & Medical Practices Explained

What is SEO for Healthcare Practices?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique that helps increase your online visibility by improving your rankings in the search results. Whenever potential patients search for healthcare services online, your healthcare/medical practice will show at the top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

These are examples of some very popular search phrases used by potential patients along with their monthly search volume on Google.

Search Phrases Avg. Monthly Searches on Google (USA)
Hospital near me 550,000
Doctor near me 201,000
Pediatrician near me 165,000
Urgent care center 49,500
Obstetrics and gynecology 18,500

Why is it important?

Ranking high in searches sets off a chain reaction.

  • Higher rankings mean patients will be more familiar with who you are.
  • More familiarity means patients will find you more credible in your services.
  • More credibility means you will attract more patients to your practice.

Top 5 SEO Requirements for Healthcare Practices

  • Consistent listing of practices across different platforms like Google My Business, Healthgrades, Vitals, and many more
  • An ethical website that follows online policies
  • Good and relevant healthcare content on the website
  • Regular content updates and publishing educational content related to your services
  • High online review ratings

Healthcare SEO FAQs

It depends on the competition in your area and your specialization. It takes between 30-40 hours for less competitive areas and around 60-70 hours for areas where competition is high.

While SEO affects everyone differently, you will feel an impact after about 3 months.

Hire a digital marketing company that fully understands SEO principles and is HIPAA compliant.

Yes, you can take care of your practice’s SEO. However, it can be a time-consuming project to maintain consistency.

Online reputation management is a factor that contributes to successful SEO for your practice.

Although they are different aspects of digital marketing, utilizing social media can help improve your practice’s SEO by sharing your website’s links across social media platforms.

Why is SEO recommended for a sustainable practice?

  • ROI for SEO may be long term, but it is definitely cheaper than some other channels like advertising.
  • It has better lead conversion as potential patients are looking for you.
  • Ranking high builds your brand visibility, and patients perceive you as credible.

How to start SEO for your healthcare practice?

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