The Art of Exceptional Living Applied to Business

How Jim Rohn's Art of Exceptional Living Applies to Businesses

  • If you plan to begin a business or are a current owner, be sure you are mentally prepared for the challenge. Unless you prepare yourself first, you will have a difficult time starting and/or maintaining a business, regardless of how much time and money you invest in it.
  • Everything begins with your philosophy. For business owners, having a personal and unique mission and/or objective is a reflection of their philosophy.
  • If you wish to be successful, study success. If you wish to be happy, study happiness. Study whatever you wish to achieve. For your business,
  • Don't be discouraged if you're experiencing a slump, or worse. Become proactive by studying the cause, and formulate a solution. For example, if sales are unusually low during a certain period, examine causes and formulate a solution. Maybe you need a fresh look to an existing product? Maybe its a matter of chance? Whatever it may be, the ability to analyze and respond to periods of difficulty defines good businessmen.
  • Observe how other businesses became successful. Study the details and understand the underlying ideas that lead to establishing a successful business and use them as a model. Don't just study the positives; recognize the negative aspects as well. Learn from others' mistakes.
  • Before embarking on the journey to becoming an entrepreneur, be sure you are thoroughly acquainted with the necessary knowledge. You cannot know everything, but having a solid foundation will provide you with the structural support - so to speak - for your business. The rest you will learn from experience.
  • When faced with adversity, don't point your finger at others or at the circumstance; take it upon yourself to improve and become better fit to overcome the obstacle. Learning to handle adversity well will serve you well for years to come. No business will climb the ladder of success without being challenged. Learn to embrace adversity and use it to improve yourself and your business.
  • If you are an employee, realize you're paid for the value you bring to a business, not for the number of hours you spend. Even business owners must realize this if they wish to succeed. Investing unproductive hours will lead to nothing but frustration. Turning everything into value and equity is the biggest challenge.
  • Don't dabble in trifle matters. Focus your attention on what matters and accomplish your goals. If you waste time on insignificant ordeals, you'll be taking away vital time from more urgent matters - a potentially catastrophic mistake for any business. For example, investing superfluous time and money on modifying your car will detract from more important things like attending to clients needs or formulating a better business plan, etc.
  • Understand that failure presents the ultimate opportunity to succeed. But as an entrepreneur, you must take initiative and exploit the opportunity, or risk watching it waste away.
  • Always be observant. Absorb everything that happens around you from the news and sports to the stock market and politics. There are lessons to be learned from everything. Never stop searching.

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