SMS India- Update2

Giilian Muessig at SMSIndia reveled that 4 letter keywords are the keywords that convert most!!

This is one of the best tips I ever had. Is the team listening? Should be easier to pick up the keywords now.

Ian McAnerin and John Barron took a fantastic session on In-house Search Marketing Mix and Budgeting. The issues covered the actual nitty gritty of website strategy planning and budget allocation. They fielded questions well and I learnt a lot. Hope to pass some of it to my clients.

Ian is terrific when it comes to...

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SMS India- Update 1

Trying my best to cover the # SMS India but the info coming trough is overwhelming.

Here's a tiny wee bit of what Eric Weaver, covered today,

Content that builds trust

  1. Have Proof Points: Use external voices, do expert interviews
  2. Testimonials: not on the site but on Yelp, display visitor ranking
  3. Inside looks: show factory shots, show who's blogging, take a webcam and go around the office.
  4. Employee perspective: People love to buy from people who are loved!

    Management Relation pieces:...

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