Press Releases for Internet Strategy

A turnaround in internet strategy is the use of press releases to reach out to millions of users who have internet access and subscribe to RSS feeds. Gone are the days when press releases depended upon a handful of journalists. You can now communicate with your customers directly through Google, Yahoo and other such verticals. Your customers and potential customers should reda about yourproduct on the internet and reach your website directly. You can write a press release about anything in your company. Do not wait for something big to happen. Make sure that your press release contains terms and phrases that customers use to find you. This way you may be picked up by search engines. Tips for Press Release

  • Always write your press release in third person.
  • Include a quote or two for authenticity.
  • Keep the headlines of your press release interesting.
  • Add a date to a press release only if necessary.
  • Add a follow-up URL in a press release; if necessary create specific landing pages. Try to track the visits from a press release to your website. It provides a useful insight into your customer behavior and is useful for further press release strategies.
  • Keep the press release length at about 350 to 500 words
  • Release the press release on your website and for submission simultaneously
  • Check for spelling mistakes
  • A press release that offers a new solution to an existing problem is likely to be picked up by readers.
  • Add social bookmarking tags to your press release, this makes it easier for a person interested in your product refer the product to his or her group. In short, it helps in viral marketing.

Press Release or Media Section on Website It is helpful to have your own press release or media section on your website. It has been proved that journalists or even customers often visit the media or press release section on your site to try and get latest information about your company and its product. Additionally, press releases will live on your site forever, but will get deleted from other sites, most probably after three months. You media section can also include informative videos and audios that a customer may enjoy seeing. A word of caution however. DO NOT ignore the traditional media. They have their own role to play especially in attracting local business. Use the internet aprt from the traditional press. ? List of Press Release sites PRWeb PR Leap Web Wire PR Web Direct PR News Wire Fast Pitch Networking 1888 Press Release Business Wire PR Log Free-Press-Release PR Market Wire Majon 24-7 Press Release Press-Release-Writing eReleases Send 2 Press Pressbox EMail Wire Internet News Bureau Prime News Wire USA News EWorld Wire Press Flash Soft Press Release Press Release Network Mass Media Distribution News Wire Today Press-Releases News Press Corporate News Exclamation PR Company Press Press Release 365 Trans World News Free-Press-Release-Center Rush PR News DP Directory PR Free Exact Release PR Urgent PR 9 Mopress Online PR News


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