Halloween Festivities: A Boom Time for Small Businesses

For many small businesses, Halloween brings more sales, even sometimes rivaling sales during the Christmas period. According to a survey carried out by Proper Insights & Analytics, Americans are expected to spend an average of $75 for costumes during this year’s Halloween festival. While the average spending has reduced from $79 a year ago, the overall Halloween spending has increased by 54.7 percent since 2005. When it comes to Halloween, shoppers know no limits to creativity. Retailers have stocked their shelves with different types of costumes for adults, children and pets, and have a variety of yard decors and candy options. Space is usually a big issue for many large retailers. Many national retailers look for more space to reach their customers. For example, Halloween City finds empty mall spaces throughout the Salt Late Valley to sell their home decorations, makeup and costumers. For customers who do not like Christmas, Halloween is their time. But Halloween is not just a winning season for the large stores. With the tough competition during the season, businesses are using different strategies to attract customers. Apart from online marketing on social network sites like Facebook, a number of stores are focusing on unique offerings. For example, Mask Costumes is stocking costumes and decors that are not available everywhere else. Remy Guanajuato, from Mask Costumes, says the store has something special for shoppers during this year’s Halloween. Some of the big sellers this year include morph suits and masquerade masks. Many people are also opting for Theatrical makeup, witch, nurse and Army costumes. The situation is the same with Salt Lake City’s Modern Display. Shane Atkin, the director of retail operations at the store, says most of their sales come during Christmas and Halloween. The family-friendly company does not sell costumes apart from house decorations and hats that can be seen at some of its chains. It seems all types of business are benefiting from Halloween. With farmers letting kids pick pumpkins out of patches and grocery stores filled with candy, it is clear that Halloween has turned out to be big business.

Ajay Prasad

Ajay Prasad is the Founder and President of GMR Web Team, a leading healthcare digital marketing agency. He guides small and medium size healthcare practices/businesses in customizing their online marketing strategy, focused on building a loyal base of patients and improving their patient acquisition. Ajay believes in an improved patient experience as the key to successful healthcare business, which can be accomplished with the right marketing plan in place.

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